Brewing Segmentation


Production: <15,000 barrels/year

Sold to public through wholesaler, retailer, or directly to the customer through tap-room or restaurant.



Sells 25% or more of their in house brews on site through restaurant or bar.


Contract Brewing Company

Theses companies contract out their production of beers to breweries. Breweries take over production and the contract company takes over marketing.

Regional Craft Brewery

Production: < 6,000,000

Maintain independence, meaning less than 25% of business is owned by outside affiliates.  Flavors must be derived from traditional or innovative methods.

Regional Brewery

Production: 15,000-6,000,000 barrels/year

Large Brewery

Production: > 6,000,000 barrels/year


All information sourced from: Brewer’s Association (